Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends Trofea PS4

kung fu panda trofea ps4


true awesomenesTrue Awesomenessplatyna

Earn every Trophy in the game

tournament noviceTournament Novicebronze

Beat Tournament of Legends with 6 Characters

tournament veteranTournament Veteransilver

Beat Tournament of Legends with 12 Characters

tournament championTournament Championgold

Beat Tournament of Legends with 20 Characters

valley dwellerValley Dwellerbronze

Play 4 Different Levels

wandering warriorWandering Warriorsilver

Play 8 Different Levels

master travelerMaster Travelergold

Play 12 Different Levels 

level zeroLevel Zerosilver

Complete all Tutorial Lessons

practice make awesomePractice Makes Awesomesilver

Play Practice


Use an Awesome Attack

no charge for awesomenessNo Charge for Awesomenessgold

Use 20 Different Awesome Attacks 

last master standingsLast Master Standingsilver

Win 10 Stock Matches

points takenPoints Takensilver

Win 10 Timed Matches

kung fu d itKung Fu’d Itsilver

Win 5 King of Kung Fu Matches

master of inner peaceMaster of Inner Peacesilver

Win 5 Master of Inner Peace Matches

hunger for justiceHunger for Justicesilver

Win 5 All You Can Eat Matches 

strenght in numbersStrength in Numberssilver

Win 10 Matches in Team Play

oh your tendersOh Your Tendersgold

KO 1000 Opponents

match masterMatch Mastersilver

Win 50 Matches

unstopable forceUnstoppable Forcesilver

Win 100 Matches

true masteryTrue Masterysilver

Win 200 Matches

first step to awesomenessFirst Step to Awesomenesssilver

Win an Online Match

the student becomes the teacherThe Student Becomes the Teachersilver

Reach Instructor Mantis Online Ranking

the teacher becomes the masterThe Teacher Becomes the Mastergold

Reach Master Mantis Online Ranking

master pandaMaster Pandagold

Reach Master Panda Online Ranking